About Us

2021 has now arrived and our global new markets are opening fast for mega funding
We are committed to providing our services to businesses around the world.

2002 Investments Inc. started in 2002 as a small firm in Toronto and has grown to an international mega funding giant in just a short time around the world. 2002 Investments Inc. is a leader in providing the finest financial thinking, products and execution for companies, governments, high net-worth clients and institutional investors from around the globe. Our people bring leadership and product offering across investment banking and mega funding. Investment management and research serve the diverse needs of our clients and are consistently the best in their class across the industry.

A little about us and our investment strategies of the super rich

Mr. Kenneth Roy Dusang traveled the world for two years and hired several elite academics to study the culture of 2002 Investments Inc. for the 21st century of mega funding through painstaking and costly research around the world and tackling the question, “where do you find this kind of funding from $50 million to $100 Billion?” This is an experience in itself as we are now living and consuming the world of globalization. Corporations are now requiring mega funding from China to India and around the world.

On our most recent trip to London, Switzerland, Israel and Dubai with our bankers, lawyers and accountants from around the world, surprisingly we found not one bank or company was capable of handling this type of mega funding. After meeting with our bankers, lawyers, accountants from around the world, and affiliates, Mr. Kenneth Roy Dusang decided to form a company called 2002 Investments Inc. capable of handling funding up to $100 Billion which is now a patented trade secret and intellectual property of 2002 Investments Inc. He felt a deep burning desire to make the connections to help people have available mega funding around the world for their corporations.

Kenneth Roy Dusang's vision for Today & Tomorrow

We strive to attract and appeal to the elite of the elite global companies, high net-worth clients, governments, countries and communities who require our success and sophistication in global mega funding with the utmost privacy and confidentiality from $5 Million to $100 Billion U.S. with one-stop shopping with us.


2002 Investments Inc. is a well-capitalized corporation. Our goal is to revolutionize mega funding in 180 countries from $5 Million to $100 Billion. We are committed to offering our customers the best mega funding service experience around the world. We are a global Internet services corporation servicing businesses around the clock and around the world.

Kenneth Dusang would like to take this opportunity to convey to you that we are famous around the world for the sheer magnitude of dealing with the most powerful and successful businessmen and women in the world, as well as corporations, governments, high net-worth clients, institutional investors and heads of state, on a one to one basis and in strict confidence from start to finish. Our private corporation is known for our high level of personalized service and integrity which we provide.

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